Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thomas Sullivan and Catherine Coakley of Myross

Thomas Sullivan certainly looks like a son of Daniel Sullivan and Margaret Keohane. Thomas died 19 Apr 1918, aged 84. That puts his birth year back to about 1834, predating the availability of Castlehaven & Myross baptism records. From a civil registration record, we know that Thomas, and Catherine Coakley, married 20 Feb 1873. He was from Myross, she was from Maulatanvally in Ross. His father was Daniel.

Their known children:
  • Mary bap 17 Jun 1875 godparents Daniel Sullivan, Ann Coakley
  • Jeremiah bap 11 Feb 1877 godparents William Sullivan, Mary Hill, birth 11 Feb, Bridget Collins Myross P.A.B.
  • Margaret (written Mary) bap 01 Sep 1879 godparents __ Coakley, Ann Barry, birth 10 Sep, Johanna Driscoll Myross P.A.B.
  • Michael 16 May 1881, Mary Driscoll P.A.B.
  • James 20 Jun 1885, Bridget Collins Myross P.A.B.
  • Thomas 28 May 1887

Notice Ann Barry the godmother in 1879. She was probably the Ann Sullivan mentioned in the prior post. If I am correct she was a younger sister of Thomas Sullivan.

The Johanna Collins Donovan of Ardagh, mentioned here, was a daughter of Larr Collins of Adrigool. Among her brothers were Jeremiah and John and among her sisters was a Catherine Sullivan, who married another Daniel Sullivan and lived in Laherdane.

A man named Tom or Thomas Sullivan was a godfather for Laurence Collins of Adrigool baptized 13 Sep 1857 in Skibbereen; Nancy Sullivan of Laherdane baptized 30 Sep 1860 in Castlehaven & Myross; and John Collins of Adrigool baptized 29 Dec 1864 in Skibbereen. They were all grandchildren of Larr (d. 1867 in Adrigool).

It certainly looks as if the Collinses of Adrigool had Sullivan relatives from Myross, but the exact nature of the relationship remains unclear.