Monday, November 23, 2015

DNA Testing Scholarships for Cork men

I am offering Y-DNA testing scholarships for men named Driscoll or Collins with paternal ancestry from Cork. The eligibile tester must know *unequivocally* the townland of origin. West Cork men named Cadogan are also of interest.

Driscoll at FTDNA

Driscoll on Rootsweb

Collins at FTDNA

Collins Rootsweb site

I am also offering a Y scholarship to any man named Hourihane with ancestry from Cork. He doesn't have to know were exactly, just know that it's from Cork.

Hourihane at FTDNA

Joint projects including Hourihane on Rootsweb

For Driscoll or Cadogan, email Susan at For Hourihane, email For Collins, email

The test sale lasts through December 31 and the offer expires then. I must know by December 23, to give us time to correspond and make sure you are comfortable with testing.

I have agreed to give a presentation to the Cork Genealogical Society in May, 2016 on DNA testing.  I understand it will be open to non-members.  The projects above will be discussed.