Saturday, December 13, 2014

Y-DNA test scholarships for Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan, Han(d)rahan, and Horan

I administer a DNA project that includes the names Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan, Han(d)rahan, Horan, and their many variations!

In conjunction with a DNA test sale ongoing at FTDNA through December 31, 2014, the project is offering scholarships for men with a qualifying surname, IF they can prove direct paternal ancestry from certain counties in Ireland.

Any man with one of these surnames who can prove Cork born direct paternal ancestry could be eligible for 100% funding of a 37 marker Y-DNA test.  That is $129 + cost to mail the kit to you.

If you are a man who qualifies with one of these surnames (or a variant) but can show that your direct paternal ancestor with one of these surnames was born in Clare, Galway, Kerry, Kilkenny, Limerick, Tipperary, or Waterford, the project will fund 50% of your Y37 test ($65 after your contribution + cost to mail the kit to you.)

Name changes upon emigration are very common and don't disqualify you.  You just need to show that your name changed.

Project Website

Message hourihanedna on or email me from the project website for more details.