Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yet another seismic shift in the Driscolls

After a lot of research, I discovered that Pat Driscoll (bap. 1820), the person I believe is my gg-grandmother's older brother, preceded his brothers Florence and James out to Androscoggin County, Maine, USA.

There is some convincing evidence in Mount Hope Cemetery in Lewiston, Maine, that the Pat Driscoll who married Catherine Sullivan in 1841 and had a son Daniel late that year traveled to Maine around 1848. I still hold a few doubts given how young Pat was when he and Catherine Sullivan married (not quite 21).

The Pat Driscoll who married Mary Regan back in Ireland, and, for that matter, the Pat Driscoll who stood in as a witness to other family events in Ireland after 1848, could have been another close relative.

 What hasn't been convincingly proven yet is which Pat Driscoll is the brother and which Pat Driscoll is the "other close relative."

There are many Maine birth and baptism records still sitting on film here at the Salt Lake City Family History Library that haven't been digitized and published online, so I will be spending many weeks sifting through those. Although what is available online is somewhat incomplete, the old Lewiston newspapers are in the Google news archive, and I can use information from there and the Mount Hope Cemetery records along with the films to reconstruct Driscoll families in the area. So far I have not been able to find death notices for Pat (d. 1882), Florence (d. 1906), or James (d. 1911).

I have never been able to determine what happened to brother Daniel (bap. 1829), and have been unable to find a death record for Daniel Senior, though I know from the youngest brother John's second marriage record that Daniel Senior was deceased by 1883.

My Driscoll descendant charts have been updated on my family genealogical documents.