Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drimoleague and Dromdaleague

This email that I sent to the website for the village of Drimoleague illustrates why doing genealogical research can be so incredibly difficult:

I am glad I came across your website. As a novice
to the area researching her family's history, I
would love to see some additional information put
up on your web pages. It might help others doing
genealogical research.

This is what I think I know, and I'm sure some of
it is wrong:

1) If Google Maps is to be trusted, Drimoleague,
the modern day village, is at the intersection of
R593 and R586. This is not to be confused with
Dromdaleague, which is east of Drimoleague, near
Baurnahulla, off of R586.
Google Map

2) The signs I saw during my recent visit to
Skibbereen saying "Drom Dhá Liag" were
referencing Drimoleague, not Dromdaleague.
Picture of a Sign

3) Dromdaleague North and Dromdaleague South
were District Electoral Divisions in the 1901
census of Skibbereen. In that census, the
townland of Dromdaleague was contained in the
Dromdaleague South D.E.D.
Skibbereen Heritage Census Page

In the 1911 census, there is something called
"Dromaleague Village" in the D.E.D. of Bredagh
and the Civil Parish of Dromdaleague.
Skibbereen Heritage 1911 Bredagh D.E.D.

4) Drimoleague is also the name of a Roman
Catholic Parish in the diocese of Cork & Ross
that contains the Civil Parish of Dromdaleague.
Parish List

5) At one time Drimoleague was a Registrar's
District, as referenced on this marriage
Drimoleague as a Registrar's District

6) The Registrar's District of Drimoleague was
combined with that of Skibbereen by law in 2004.
Irish Statute

If you could enlighten some of us researching
family history and include it on your website
it would be incredibly helpful. In what Civil
Parish has Drimoleague, the village
historically been situated in? In which
registration districts has it been situated in?
What is "Dromoleague Village" in Bredagh, etc,
etc. Simply straightening the geo-political
boundaries of these similarly-named entities
would be of tremendous help!

Go raibh maith agat.

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fulmoonmajik said...

Hello, I just stumbled across your site. My great grandfather, Daniel Kelley, was born in Drimoleague on March 24, 1862. He married Elizabeth Collins who was born in Couravilla in 1857 and they both emigrated to the U.S. somewhere in the late 1870s and married here in the U.S. Elizabeth's father was Cornelius Collins and her mother was Mary Coakley. Daniel Kelley's parents were Jeremiah Kelley and Hannah Cohen.
I'm interested in finding out more and am planning a trip to Cork (hopefully next year). According to (now deceased) family members, we still have family in Skibbereen; contact was still being maintained up until about 20 years ago.
Any advice?
Donna Girouard