Saturday, January 4, 2014

Driscoll research update 2014

Below is a link to my book publishing my research of my Driscoll family from Caheragh parish.  The research includes Maguires of Garrane, Cadogans of Skibbereen, McCarthy Crimeens of Dromore, Collinses of Lower Lissane, Driscolls from Lackenafasoge and Barna, and Driscolls who settled in Androscoggin County, Maine, USA.

From Skibbereen to Androscoggin:  On the Trail of the Driscolls of Garrane Beg, Caheragh.  Updated for 2014.

Except for one additional Driscoll marriage record, the charts on my personal genealogy website are mostly up to date.


Mccarthy Genealogy said...

Hello, I was searching the internet for some more information on the McCarthy Family and I came across your blogspot. Your blog interested me because there are a lot of similarities to my family. The similarities are "Collins". Maybe there could be some connection to my family and yours. My Grand father who was Gerald McCarthy married a woman by the name of Bridget Donneagan who was from Wicklow. He lived his younger life in Skibbereen, Co Cork.

You are more than welcome to have a look at my site : Address is and I have a site search on the site if you want to put a search in for names that you know of. You can contact me if you want and I have a contact form on the site as well.

Bye for now

David McCarthy

sb10 said...

Hello David, thanks for your message. Without more details it would not be practical to speculate whether our families are linked. There are McCarthys and Collinses everywhere.

If you haven't already, you may want to join the McCarthy DNA project.

David McCarthy said...

Hi, I only got your reply today. I had put my research on hold but I am starting it up again. I will sign up to the McCarthy project but that will be in a few weeks b4 I have the money available.

Just to give you some background, to my McCarthy/Collins relations. The Collins are Francis Collins who married Peig Collins. The ran a pub just outside Skibbereen in a small town called Aughadown and his brother Denis Collins, married
to Noreen had a farm located behind the pub.
As soon as I join the DNA programme for the McCarthy clan I will get back to you with more information as I get it.
Ps my website is no longer live but I will have a new website launched in the comming weeks

David McCarthy said...

Hi, I just got your reply only now.

I had put my research on hold until now due to unforeseen circumstances but I have started it again.

To give a little more information about the McCarthy/Collins connection.

My Father's cousin is Francis who married Peig. They had a pub just outside Skibbereen called "The Cross House" and was located in Aughadown. Francis's brother Dennis Collins married to Norreen had a farm which was behind the pub in Aughadown.

I will join the McCarthy DNA project and it would be interesting to see what I can find out. Any information I find I will pass on to you (but it would be better if I could email this to you directly) but sure I will wait till I join the project first.

Bye for now

David McCarthy

Ps. My website : is no longer live but I will have a new site up a running in the coming weeks