Sunday, August 26, 2012

O'Hourihane DNA Projects Announcement

The O'Hourihane DNA Projects have been launched.

The project home is at:

If you know people named some variation of Hourihane, Hanrahan, Horgan, Horrigan, Horan, or one of the myriad ways these names may be construed or misconstrued, please give them a nudge and send them our way.  And if one of these names shows up in your ancestry, please come join us in this DNA study.  In addition to Y-DNA tests, we are accepting A-DNA (i.e., Family Finder) tests for those of us who are not direct male descendants but otherwise have relatively recent ancestry of interest in our family trees.

The website contains the project background and goals; a distribution map of surnames of interest; direct links to surname forums; small collections of extracted genealogy records, and other goodies.

While the geographic area of interest is most of Munster plus Co. Galway, these names have been spotted in other counties so our geographic curiosity is already expanding.

The project is a 100% volunteer effort, and the administrator does not receive any compensation or commissions from testing laboratories.

In addition to the project home on Rootsweb, there is a sister site at:

At Family Tree DNA the project is at: