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The Hurley-Herlihy-Cahalane Connection

Genealogy is full of cases in which you are unsuccessfully able to research one line but in the process of researching that line you stumble across information that fills out another line.  Such is the case with Grandmom's Adrigole Collinses.  After relaying this information to a Hurley cousin last night, I thought it would be a suitable posting.

It all started with an obituary from the Southern Star dated November 21, 1903 for one Michael Herlihy, a national teacher from Cloonkeen who died fairly young.

"Mrs. Young", listed as a cousin, had to have been Ellen Hurley December 17, 1852 from Coolnagarrane, who married William Young of North Street.  Ellen was already widowed by the 1901 census.

"Lawrence, Jeremiah, and John Collins" were listed as cousins.  They must have been out of Adrigole.  The question is - how were they related to Michael Herlihy?  There were other Collinses in Adrigole and they were notably not mentioned.  Specifically, John Collins, son of Jeremiah, was by now a priest and he would not have been listed this way.  So I immediately began to think these men were the son of John, and the Herlihy relationship could have come through Catherine Sheely, who married John Collins 30-Nov-1852.  However, I have reason to believe Catherine was the daughter of John Sheily and Ellen Corcoran from around Aghadown (mistranscribed as Kelly), and as there was no obvious connection to Herlihys I did not try pursuing it.

My triple-great-grandparents were Michael Hurley and Bridget Cahalane of Coolnagarrane, in Abbeystrowry parish.  Michael and Bridget married 25-May-1838 in Kilmacabea R.C. Parish.  Witnesses, if I'm reading the record correctly, were Bryan Adams and Cate Sheahan.

Michael Hurley may have had a sister Ellen, who appears in the Skibbereen church registers January 22, 1815.  There is other evidence strongly suggesting she was a relative and went on to marry John Sweeney February 22, 1846.  Michael and Ellen probably had a brother Daniel.  It is through Daniel that the Herlihy connection, and possible second Cahalane connection lie.

This Daniel and his wife Honora McCarthy were the parents of the aforementioned Ellen Hurley Young.  Another daughter, Kate (1855) married Michael Herlihy the schoolteacher in 1886.  Hence the Herlihy-Hurley connection.

What about Cahalanes? 

Michael Herlihy's parents were Denis Herlihy and Mary Regan. If I'm reading the records right they married in Kilmacabea R.C. parish February 8, 1834.  One Cornelius Cahalane was a witness.

The odd thing is that I cannot find any children until May 1844, and I think the child's name was Johanna, who went on to marry a Denis Leahy.  Then another gap, and Michael Herlihy was baptized April 13, 1851.  Then twins John and Thomas, April 7, 1855.  John's Godfather was a Denis Cahalane.

The 10 year gap before any children appear, and then the twins some 21 years after the marriage, makes me wonder if I'm reading the records right.  But that is what I have so far.

Update:  I have found many more children.  Patrick, baptized 12-Apr-1835; Daniel, bap. 9-Aug-1840; Denis, bap. 14-Dec-1842; Johanna, bap. May-1844; Catherine, bap. 19-Apr-1846 (her mother is recorded as Catherine, which I think is a mistake); Michael, bap.  13-Apr-1851; William, bap. 18-Apr-1853; and John and Thomas, bap.  7-Apr-1855.

Michael Hurley = Bridget Cahalane had four boys: John 1839; Patrick 1841; Daniel 1843; and Michael 1849. 

The Godmother of John 1839, my gg-grandfather, was one Catherine Cahalane. The Godmother of Patrick 1841 was Mary Cahalane.  I had assumed they had only the four boys, but last night discovered a missing fifth child.  Ellen was baptized September 21, 1845 (mistranscribed as Hooly).  Her Godfather was one Michael Cahalane.
I think I know who this Michael Cahalane is, and I have corresponded with some of his descendants.  He married Honora Donovan in 1851.  The Godfather of son Michael, 1861, was one John Hurley.

The oldest child of my gg-grandparents, John Hurley and Margaret Hourihane, was Michael, 1868.  One Michael Cahalane was the Godfather.  Then any documented connections with Cahalanes stop. I have not checked the extended family of Daniel Hurley = Honora McCarthy for Cahalane sponsors.  Ellen Hurley Sweeney's family did not have Cahalane sponsors from what I have dug up so far.

I cannot find a meaningful death record for a Bridget Hurley after 1863, so I assume that Bridget Cahalane Hurley died before civil registration.  What is her relationship to Cornelius Cahalane, who witnessed the wedding of Denis Herlihy and Mary Regan, and to Michael Cahalane?  Is this Michael the Michael Cahalane from Cloonkeen, whose descendants I correspond with?  And how were the Herlihys linked to Collinses in Adrigole?

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