Saturday, October 2, 2010

Caheragh, Drinagh, and Dromdaleague Tithe Applotment Transcriptions Online

They have not been completely proofread by a local expert yet, but there are transcriptions of the Tithe Applotments for the civil parishes of Caheragh, Drinagh and Dromdaleague available.   Refer to this page.

There is work in progress on transcriptions for other parishes, though it may take me a few months to publish them.  First I want to coordinate with my proofreader and hope I don't overload him.  Second, I will be heading to Salt Lake City for vacation/genealogical research in mid-October to continue research on my own family, to get familiar with other genealogy resources, and to continue developing resources for my own County Cork pages, the tithe transcriptions being part of that effort.  Third, I have been taking a much-needed break from driving the 70 mile round-trip to the nearest open Family History Center, and am waiting for the grand reopening of the Los Angeles FHL, which is supposed to happen in late October/early November.