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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fanny Collins and Denis Crowley of Castlehaven

I think I have found another daughter of Larr Collins (1783-1867) of Adrigole, though I have substantially less confidence in this child than I have in the others. The records of Fanny Collins (1829-a. 1901) aren't tightly coupled to her siblings like the records of her siblings are to each other.

"Fanny" is an old variant of Francesca no longer in use. Fanny Collins married Denis Crowley 5-Feb-1854 in Skibbereen R.C. parish; there were neither Collins nor Crowley witnesses recorded as present.

Daughter Mary was baptized 8-Feb-1855 and recorded in Adrigole; the godfather was one Daniel Collins. Whether this is the girl's uncle is not clear as my gg-grandfather Daniel Collins had relocated to Colomane East a few years prior.

Jane Crowley (8-Feb-1857) was recorded in Adrigole and had one Ellen Collins as a godmother. Jane's mother is recorded as Ann.

A second reason why I thought Fanny may have been Larr's daughter was because the Crowleys resided for a time in Adrigole. But the main reason why I thought Fanny was Larr's daughter was because Larr was the godfather of Patrick, baptized 27-Feb-1859. These are the only two pieces of evidence I have implying such a relationship.

John Crowley (9-May-1861), baptized in Castlehaven & Myross R.C. parish, is recorded in Rineen. The baptism of Kate (6-Mar-1865), also baptized in C&M parish, is recorded with mother named Johanna, which I think is an error. Michael (15-Jul-1869), C&M parish, is recorded in Gortbrack. The mother's name was mistakenly written in as William Brown, then crossed out and not rewritten.

Now comes more confusion. Jerry (11-Aug-1875) is recorded in Gortbrack. However, Ireland Births and Baptisms shows a Cornelius Crowley born about that same time to the same parents. In addition, that same data source lists a "Coomeshall Crowly" born 17-Jun-1872. I suspect that Dennis and Fanny had a child born in Coornishal, who perhaps didn't live long enough to be baptized. I will know when I see that civil registration record.

Clearly I need to trawl civil registration and perhaps the revision books to bring some clarity to this family. The 1901 Ireland census shows Fanny Crowley as a widow, age 72, living with her son John, in Farrandau. Though their son John is there, Fanny is not listed in 1911, and civil registration does not provide clues to her death.

A third reason why I thought Fanny, or Francesca, could be Larr's daughter is because the man's name Francis pops up as a middle name in this extended family, especially with "Denis." The discovery of Fanny has compelled me to revisit the 20-Jul-1856 Caheragh R.C. parish record of a child of Daniel Collins and Mary Mahony that is unreadable. It has been transcribed as Johanna and as Jeremiah but I think it is neither. Could it be Fannia - another form of Fanny?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adrigole Collins Developments

Since my post on the Collinses of Coornishal, I have found out a little more about the Adrigole Collinses.  I have identified two more women whom I believe were daughters of "Larr" (1783-1867) and their families.

In the Collinses of Coornishal post I wondered about a Catherine Collins in the family tree of a DNA match and whether our shared ancestry was through that Catherine. I still don't know if that is our common connection, but I did find a Catherine Collins, married to Daniel Sullivan before 1852 and living in Laherdane, Castlehaven parish.  The children I could find were Patrick (1852), Mary (1854), Catherine (1856), Michael (1858), Nancy (1860), Margaret? (1862), and Johanna (1865). Larry Collins was a godfather of Mary in 1854.

I have tried tracing Sullivans in the 1901 census but they are no longer obviously there. I will have to search the revision books after Griffith's to determine when they left Laherdane.  So far, I have not even been able to guess a potential birth year for this Catherine, therefore I'd be interested in obtaining her death record if possible.  I think she and Daniel Sullivan may have been listed as godparents in the 1870's.

Another person I found was Mary Collins, who married John Young of Derryclough, Drinagh in 1855.  I think Larr witnessed the marriage.  The children I could find were Margaret (1855), Jane (1857), Thomas (1860), Edward (1862), John (1864), Richard (1867), Mary (1870), and Michael (1873).

I believe Mary was the godmother of Catherine's child Patrick Sullivan; that Catherine was the godmother of Mary's child Richard Young, and now I think this Catherine was likely the godmother of Daniel Collins of Cullomane East (1865), the youngest child of Daniel Collins and Mary Mahony.  I think Mary Collins Young is in the 1901 census, widowed, in Derryclough Lower in Drinagh.  Judging from the census record I estimate she was born about 1830.

One Thomas Young was identified as a nephew to Jeremiah Collins in the latter's funeral writeup from the Southern Star on May 9, 1903.

I have viewed an 1856 Skibbereen bridewell record in the Ireland Prison Registers for a Laurence Collins who was picked up and detained for being drunk and disorderly, but the record does not state where he was from or state any family members or otherwise give any further details about the arrest and detention.

There are two other couples I have my eye on.  Patrick Collins and Ann Regan were the parents of Laurence Collins, baptized 18-Aug-1819 in Caheragh R.C. parish.  The couple may have moved to Kilmeen civil parish;  Patrick was baptized 11-Feb-1822; Mary was baptized 28-Jul-1824; and twins Catherine and Julia 25-Oct-1826.  Lance (Laurence) Collins was the godfather of Patrick and of Mary.  I have no further information on this couple or this Laurence and so far I  have not tied them to people in Adrigole or Coornishal.

Jeremiah Collins and Johanna Collins were the parents of Larry Collins, baptized 20-Aug-1860 in Castlehaven & Myross R.C. parish.  One Catherine Barry was the godmother.  I am pointing her out because I have seen the name Catherine Barry as a witness to the marriage of John Collins and Catherine Sheily of Adrigole.  Other children for Jeremiah and Johanna Collins are Daniel (1857), Margaret (1866), and Jeremiah (1869).  This couple is associated with a family named Byrns.  Their residence is recorded as Lahane or Lahern, which might be Lahardane Beg or Lahardane More - perhaps where Catherine Collins and Daniel Sullivan lived.

There was a Patrick Collins who was a godfather of Laurence baptized 17-Mar-1849 in Castlehaven & Myross, while Daniel Collins and Mary Mahony were still living in Adrigole, before their move to Cullomane East.  I have been trying to find out more about this Patrick, without much success.  There was a Patrick Collins in Adrigole in the Tenure Book (the pre-Griffith's notebook) in 1850, but he was gone by the publication of Griffith's Valuation a few years later.  For a while I thought that perhaps this Patrick had settled in Garranes, near Castletownsend, and I investigated the Collinses down there, but have subsequently learned the Garranes/Castletownsend Collinses came from elsewhere. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Collinses of Coornishal

For quite a while now I have believed that a number of people named Collins in Coornishal were somehow related to my Grandmom's ancestral Collins ancestors in Adrigole. The evidence is substantial. I am going to list my pieces of evidence.

1) There is a Laurence Collins (my ggg-grandfather "Larr" - 1783-1867) in Adrigole in the Castlehaven Tithe Applotment book of 1825. He shared a lot with somebody named Jerry Collins. Other Collinses listed in Adrigole were William and Daniel.

2) There was a Lawrence Collins in adjacent Coornishal in the Tithe Applotment book of Kilmacabea of 1829. He was adjacent to a John Collins. Another Collins there was one Timothy.

Laurence Collins is not a particularly common name, like John or Daniel.  For now, I am inclined to think these listings for Laurence were the same man.

3) The father of a recently-discovered relative back east was one Laurence Collins from Licknavar and Gortshanecrone. Her maternal grandmother was the daughter of Jeremiah of Adrigole; her parents were somehow cousins. This relative is of my mother's generation, she is a third cousin in two different ways, and probably a cousin a third way. We are trying to establish precisely how in the third way. In other words, the Licknavar Collinses were related to the Adrigole Collinses and we don't know exactly how.

4) As she remembers her father telling the story, some "Corn" or "Coran" Collinses peeled off from north of Skibbereen and headed south of town probably in the first half of the 19th century.

[note: I am well aware of the townlands of Corran North, Corran Middle, and Corran South in Kilmacabea, and that there were Collinses in this area. So I am keeping the Corran townlands on the backburner.]

5) In the Cullomane East branch (my gg-grandparents), a Catherine Collins was a Godmother in 1863. Who was this Catherine exactly? One of my strongest autosomal DNA matches has a solid family history out of Licknavar. We have not been able to establish a common shared ancestor, but someone in his tree named Sullivan was apparently a baptism Godfather in the tree of my east coast relative with Licknavar ancestry. A Catherine Collins (est born 1800) is also in his tree. Someone named Croston in my DNA match's tree lived on lots shared with Licknavar Collinses in Griffith's Valuation.

6) The May 9, 1903 obituary of Jeremiah Collins of Adrigole in the Southern Star lists John Collins and Denis Collins of Coornishal as cousins.

And now for a digression. There was apparently a tradition of naming women Diana in this extended family group, though it's difficult to understand why the name was popular in some branches and non-existent in others. My gg-grandfather Danny Larr of Cullomane East had a daughter Diana, who emigrated to Australia. Danny Larr had another daughter Margaret who named her daughter Diana. (This latter Diana married a Daniel Hallahan and then sort of disappeared. That family remains one of my open research projects.)

There's more. Larr may have also had a daughter Johanna, who married a John Donovan roughly 1851 and eventually settled in Ardagh, Rosscarbery. They named a daughter Dinah. This Dinah died a spinster.

A Dina Collins pops up frequently as a Godmother in numerous baptisms - for one of Johanna's children, and for children of John and of Jeremiah in Adrigole. These sponsorships occurred from 1852 through 1863, presumably the same woman.

A Diana Collins from Adrigole, with a father named Laurence, married Timothy Sullivan of Clooncugger in 1868. She had three children - none named Laurence or Diana - and she died in 1892.

Neither John of Adrigole, nor Jeremiah of Adrigole, nor anybody down in Licknavar had a daughter named Diana.

But somebody in Coornishal did ! I stumbled upon this family digging through the Kilmacabea church records that are online.

Which brings me back to my evidence list.

Unfortunately the records for Kilmacabea start relatively late, in 1832. So I may have only a partial family. I cannot find a marriage record for Tom Collins and Kate Foley, who lived in Coornishal in the 1840's, which leads me to believe she could have been from Castlehaven parish, which has no marriage records available.

Timothy, baptized 15-Jan-1840. His father was written as John. I think this could be an error. His sponsors were Michael Foley and Ellen Collins.

Patrick, baptized 14-Mar-1841. Sponsors Con Foley and Mary H?

7) Lawrence, baptized 27-Mar-1843. Sponsors Daniel Collins and Kate Collins. This Daniel could well have been my gg-grandfather, before he married Mary Mahony in 1845 and moved to Cullomane East around 1851.

Catherine, baptized 16-Dec-1846. Sponsors Tim Foley and Ellen Foley.

Tom, baptized 25-Aug-1850. Sponsors Jerry? Collins and Mary Collins.

Cornelius, baptized 6-Mar-1853. Sponsors Laurence Collins and Kate Shealy. These sponsors could well be Larr and his relatively new daughter-in-law, married to John of Adrigole in 1852.

8) Dinah, baptized 13-Jan-1856. Sponsors John Collins and Johanna Foley.

So, I have: adjacency in land valuation records; family lore; a newspaper obit; DNA; and family naming traditions all strongly suggesting a link between Adrigole, Coornishal, and Licknavar.  Tracking a family naming tradition only works when the names are uncommon or downright rare.

Unfortunately, with Kilmacabea church records starting late (1830's), and Castlehaven & Myross church records starting REALLY late (1840's) and with no marriages, I have to wait for somebody else to come forward or some other evidence to turn up to glue this together. Once I am settled in from my move to Salt Lake City in April, I'll be hitting the land valuation records pre and post Griffith's to see if I can squeeze any additional information out of available records.