Thursday, September 23, 2010

The family tree of General Michael Collins (1890-1922)

No, I am not going to publish it here, but I often see questions about it out on genealogy forums so I will post on how to obtain a copy of it, as it is copyrighted material.

You can send a message to copy-orders at (replace at with a @) and inquire about the family tree compiled by Michael Collins-Powell.  It is document #40,430/17.  There is a small fee for copying and sending it back to you by regular mail.

By the way, never take somebody's word for it over the Internet what his, or anybody's family history is.  Check on sources yourself.

Update: If you are looking for information on General Michael Collins, post your questions on public genealogy forums. You'll find a list of forums on this page. You can also use Google to find such forums.  Thank you.


JW said...

I am a direct descendant of Diana Collins, daughter of Daniel Collins and Mary O'Mahoney. Diana emigrated to Australia and married John Downes of Co Clare in Clunes, Victoria, Australia in 1882. I AM able to give you all the information if this is of use to you.
Fr John Walshe