Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brick Wall in Adrigole

I have made  strides in reconstructing the Larrys from Adrigole. Unfortunately, I have run smack into the proverbial genealogy brick wall due to lack of vital records.

The Larrys "started" with Lawrence Collins, who died in 1867, a widower, with a Jeremiah Collins present at death.  From a calculation off his death record, Larr was born around 1783.  He was my triple-great-grandfather.

Great-great grandfather Daniel Collins was known as "Danny Larr" - a son of Larr.  Danny Larr died in 1894 and from a calculation off his death record was born around 1814.  Danny married one Mary Mahony and they were settled in Cullomane East, near Bantry.  Danny was there in the Caheragh Tithe Applotment in 1852.

There was a Jeremiah Collins who died in 1903 in Adrigole at the age of 82, a well-known agriculturalist and a long-time member of the Board of Guardians.  He was married to Mary Hourihane.  Their first son, Lawrence, was baptized 13-Sep-1857.  I think Lawrence may have at one time run for the Board of Guardians seat his father once had, but I don't think he won the seat.  If I have the relationships worked out correctly, this Lawrence eventually moved to Brade and married Elizabeth Sullivan from Reen in 1904.  The marriage record shows two Hourihanes as witnesses.  In 1924 Lawrence moved from Brade to Lissard (south of Skibbereen town) and he died in 1929.  As for the other children, the first daughter was Catherine, who went on to marry a James Collins from Knockaphreane (down towards Baltimore); they eventually moved to Lick (I think this is Licknavar, just southwest of Skibbereen town).  Son Jeremiah married Elizabeth Mary (Lily) Wilson from Corron, Leap 17-Apr-1919.  Son Daniel became the Very Reverend Daniel Canon Collins, who spent time in Glasgow; he died in 1934.  Son John became the Rev John Collins and served as the "estimable curate" of Clonakilty.

From a calculation off of Jeremiah's death notice, I figured he was born about 1821. 

Another known Adrigole Collins family is that of John Collins and Catherine Shiely - or Sheahy, or something like that.  Their first son was also Lawrence, baptized 4-Jun-1854.  John died in 1886, Catherine died in 1905.  Unfortunately, things get very confusing in Catherine's funeral write-up in the Southern Star.  It says her brother-in-law Jeremiah of Adrigole was one of the mourners.  Jeremiah died 2 years earlier, so a Jeremiah there could have been her son or her nephew by marriage.  And it says another brother-in-law mourner was Lawrence in Brade.  This would have been her nephew by marriage - Jeremiah's son. 

From a calculation off of John's death record, I figured he was born about 1818.

Lawrence son of John had a baptismal sponsor Lawrence Collins.  I don't have a further clue as to the baptismal sponsor's identity - though I am aware of a Lawrence Collins
of Ballyriree, Kilmacabea parish who married Mary Hayes in 1866 when he was 26 (Ballyriree Lawrence's father was named John).

Assuming that my family is correct about great-great-grandfather Daniel "Danny Larr" Collins being a son of Larr, I thought there was a good chance John and Jeremiah were also sons of Larr, and asked Skibbereen Heritage to do a search.  I thought Danny Larr would have been too old to be in the baptismals, but surely John and Jeremiah would be there.


Skibbereen Heritage couldn't find any Collinses in Adrigole around those dates, though Larr is clearly in the 1825 Castlehaven Tithe Applotment with a "Jerry."

Even if the years had been slightly off I would have expected to at at least found the youngest - Jeremiah, in the baptismals.  My conclusion for now is that the Larrys were transplants from elsewhere.  And to find out more about the Larrys, I will probably need access to some rather unconventional historical records, such as Board of Guardian meeting notes. 

I am starting to wonder about Rosscarbery as their origin, as I've seen Collinses named Jeremiah and Lawrence out of there.  Lawrence Collins and Mary Hayes may have moved to Rosscarbery.  There was a Rosscarbery Jeremiah Collins married to Mary Donovan, and they had a son Lawrence in 1878.

The Larrys were terrific agriculturalists (Grandmom was an amazing grower and so was Uncle Denis when he was actively doing so), so the Rosscarbery Agricultural Society and annual fair immediately come to mind. Therefore, to successfully dig deeper back into this family, I may eventually have to dig up old Society notes to see if the Larrys were involved.