Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hourahan, McCarthy, Collins, Tithe Applotment

I am continuing my strategy of casting my net wide and searching the birth films starting from 1864 in the hopes or piecing together some of the nuclear families of interest in the Lissane and Tooreen areas for Granddad's relatives as well as looking at Adrigole for some of Grandmom's family.  To speed things I am limiting my search to the Drimoleague registration sub-district, which will include Granddad's areas, and I want to start looking out towards Dunmanway and look at McCarthys.  I'll even start looking for Driscolls in the general Drimoleague area.

Aunt Peg provided an excellent lead on McCarthy cousins when she mentioned that Granddad's maternal grandmother Mary McCarthy came from a family of schoolteachers whom she thought were from Drinagh.  In the 1901 census I found the household of Daniel McCarthy, schoolteacher, who had many children.  Aunt Peg recalled visiting the family when she grew up - it was a major event to go out and see the McCarthys!  Bridget McCarthy married Paddy Connolly and they had a B&B in Owenahincha, where Mom and Aunt Peg stayed back in 1971.  Eileen McCarthy became Eileen Daly, and I think later in life she was well acquainted with Aunt Eileen.

Unfortunately, I don't know much else about Daniel (Donal) McCarthy's origins, other than to note that his mother Kate is on the 1911 census record.  I tried searching the news archives but so far have not found a funeral notice.  I have searched half the relevant 1864 birth rolls, and one Daniel McCarthy with a mother Catherine turns up in Dunmanway town, but it says the father was a weaver.  If this is supposed to be a family of scholarly professionals, I don't think that's him. 

I did find a wonderful 1996 article about a 'Master' McCarthy family reunion in the Southern Star.  It gives details about his first wife, her accidental death, and the date of his marriage to his second wife.  The daughter from the first marriage is not mentioned, but the eleven children from the second marriage are. 

To find out his father's name and where he lived prior to Carrigbaun, I can send away for one of his marriage records, or I can contact one of his descendants (or both).  The article says he died August 8, 1945 at the age of 82, which would put his birth year as 1863, so if this is accurate then I won't find him on LDS birth film. But if he had younger siblings, I would eventually find them.

Ellen Hurley's mother was Margaret Hourihane, daughter of Owen.  According the to 1867 marriage record of Margaret and John Hurley, she was from Clohane Beg.  Cousin "Jo" says that Margaret had a brother Patrick Hourihane who married Ellen Daly, also in 1867.  The 1901 and 1911 census records show an Ellen Hourihane, widow, with five children in Clohane Beg.

All five children are adult and still living at home in 1911.  They were Bridget, Catherine (Kate), Eugene, Marty (or Morty - or Murty?), and Julia.  I think this was Patrick Hourihane's family.

Griffith's Valuation from the early 1850's shows Owen Hourahan in Cloghane Beg; another in Cooradowny and another in Coolanuller (all Caheragh parish).  Searches matching Owen Hourihan land me in Lurriga (Abbeystrowry), and Oughtohig (Kilcoe), and Baurgorm (Kilmocomoge).  There is nobody spelled Hourihane in Caheragh parish.  I think the Hourahan in Cloghane Beg is the right one.

If I look for more Hourahans in Cloghane, there is a John Hourahan.  There are other Hourahans in the immediately surrounding area.

There are other variant-spelling Hourihanes out toward Bantry, in Trawlebane.

From the Family History Center I had ordered Tithe Applotment Book films. For Caheragh parish the information is dated about 1828. 

Looking at the parish of Caheragh, I see there is an entry in Clahane for "Murty Hourihane and sons", and another that says "Murty Hourihane Junior and brothers."  In Clahane More there are Owen, Tim, and John Hourihane.  No ages are given in the Tithe Applotment books.

I have ordered from GRO a possible death record for Owen Hourahan in 1864; if this isn't it there are others to try. 

This death record puts his age at 84 - meaning he would have been born about 1780.  Margaret Hourihane Hurley reports her age as 64 in the 1911 census, which would put her birth year around 1847.  I have ordered a death record in 1929 for a Margaret Hurley, who is listed as age 88, which would put her birth year around 1841.  If this is the correct Owen and this is the correct Margaret, then Owen would have fathered Margaret around the age of 60 - which is certainly not impossible, though not a frequent occurrence.  Owen would have been about 48 at the time of this Church of Ireland tithing.


The Tithe Applotment Book lists "Humphrey and Michael Collins" in Lower Lissane, and then further on down the ledger for another property just Humphrey Collins.  Griffith's Valuation from 1852 shows Humphrey and a Michael Collins, whom I am pretty sure is Granddad's paternal grandfather.  I think this Humphrey is the one who died in 1872.  The Tithe Applotment survey is about 1828, and Granddad's grandfather was born I would estimate 1817-1822 timeframe.  So who exactly is this Michael Collins in the Tithe Applotment?  Could this be yet another generation further back in the patrilineal line?

The second listing of Humphrey Collins shows up with Florence McCarthy and Callaghan McCarthy.

In what was later Upper Lissane, there are Charles McCarthy, Daniel McCarthy senior and junior, Charles McCarthy senior, James McCarthy, and Charles and Con (Cornelius) McCarthy. 

In Tooreen (Thureen) there is a Daniel McCarthy and a Denis McCarthy listed twice.

(Granddad's maternal grandfather Cornelius McCarthy would have been a child at the time of the survey.  Given that Granddad's mother's family was in Kilmore for a time, I will eventually have to look at the Tithe Applotment Book film for Drimoleague and look for McCarthys there too.)

Cullomane entries have me confused.  There *shouldn't* be a Collins in Grandmom's family there yet, so I am assuming the Denis Collins listed with Denis Donovan is unrelated.  But on another separate page for Cullomane East, there is a Dan Collins listed.  This cannot be Danny Larr, unless we are mistaken about the Collins line of descent.

In Castlehaven parish under Adrigole, there are a Jerry (maybe Jeremiah) Collins and a Lawrence Collins listed together.  There are also listed a John Collins and a Dani Collins.  Lawrence is probably "Larr" and Dani is possibly "Danny Larr."  Grandmom's paternal grandfather, is another person whom I am having great difficulty placing an age on.  It seems to me he ought to have been a child at the time of this tithe, but he may also have sired his family (starting around 1852) at an older age.

Friday, March 19, 2010

mtDNA Full Genomic Sequence results came in - just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

It took over five months for Family Tree to test my sample to the lab's satisfaction.  The test had to be run a number of times.

My Irish direct matrilineal line is H6a1. 

HVR1 = 16362C 16482G
HVR2 = 239C 263G 315.1C
CR differences from CRS = 750G 1438G 3915A 4769G 8521G 8860G 9380A 11155T 15326G

Now who out there matches that!